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About This Product:

This Vintage Media Product is a Reproduction that will be delivered in CD-ROM format and is intended for use in your computer. Please make sure your computer is capable of reading CD-ROM data.

The information is presented in Adobe PDF digital format. Most computers already contain software for PDF viewing. You can also download a free Adobe Reader at

This product is compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Mac. All PDF documents feature zoom (magnify) for easy reading, search and find capability, and easy printing either in part or in whole.

All of our CD-ROM and CD-ROM based products are brand-new and of excellent quality. We use only JVC Professional quality media. This product is delivered to you in a  retail grade slim line protective CD\DVD case.

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Vintage Media Vault takes pride in compiling and digitally preserving vintage books, periodicals, films,photographs, and artwork in a format that is easy to enjoy. We cover many different topics so there is sure to be something for everyone. History plays an important role in how we live our lives today so we are proud to be able to help this generation get historical information in a modern and convenient format. ebay-buyer-protection
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